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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Lydia Romeike Gets New Hair Before Wedding

Bringing Up Bates star Trace Bates is preparing to marry Lydia Romeike. She is getting ready for all of the glam on her big day. Ahead of the wedding, she got her hair done and showed it off to fans. Keep reading to get all of the details and see her fresh look.

Trace Bates & Lydia Romeike’s big day is almost here

In March, Trace and Lydia revealed to Bringing Up Bates fans that they were engaged! Now, just a few months later, they are preparing to tie the knot. Their special day is Saturday, October 1, so they are running around getting everything ready. It’s sure to be a busy week for the couple as they prepare for their big day.

As TV Shows Ace reported, the Bates couple picked up their marriage license on Friday, September 23. Below, you can see the photo they shared.

Trace Bates Instagram

Now, Lydia is getting some me time in and getting a fresh new look for her wedding day.

Bringing Up Bates: See Lydia’s fresh hair

On her Instagram Stories this week, Lydia revealed that she was getting her hair done by Trace’s sister, Josie Bates Balka. If you didn’t know, Josie runs her own business, Effortless Beauty. She sells hair accessories online and also offers hair and makeup services for events, including weddings.

It looks like Lydia wanted to do a little something extra to her hair in honor of her upcoming wedding day. And Josie was able to help her make it happen.

Below, you can see the snaps that Josie shared with Bringing Up Bates fans. She revealed that she was touching up Lydia’s hair for the big day. In one photo, she said she “can’t believe it’s almost wedding week!” Then, she shared a photo of Lydia to show everyone “the reality of wedding week.”

Bringing Up Bates Josie Bates Instagram Bringing Up Bates Josie Bates Instagram

As you can see, Lydia had foils in her hair as Josie worked hard to make sure it would be perfect for her wedding.

Below, you can see the photo Lydia shared after Josie had worked her magic. It looks like she’s very happy with it. She added that she’s “in love” with it.

Bringing Up Bates, Lydia Romeike Instagram

So, what do you think of Lydia Romeike’s new hair? Do you think Trace Bates’ fiance is gorgeous? Sound off in the comments section, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bringing Up Bates news. We’ll continue to share updates about Trace and Lydia’s special day.

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