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Celebrity hairstylist Aanchal Morwani reveals why snatched ponytails should be your go-to this weddi

“Janhvi Kapoor is my muse,” says celebrity hairstylist Aanchal Morwani, who has also worked with the likes of Disha Patani, Sharvari Wagh and many others from the industry. Lately, she’s been busy with the wedding season, giving brides the perfect hairstyle for their special day.

We sat with Aanchal for a quick chat on bridal haircare and her responses will surely appeal to you and your bridesmaids. On being asked what hairstyle the bride should try on during the festivities, Aanchal quickly gave a thumbs up to snatched ponytails.

She joked, “They give you a face-lift,” and added, “They stay in place all night long, even when your makeup starts to come off, the ponytail won’t leave you. The slick hair sprayed hairline makes you stand apart from everyone in the crowd and gives such a cool edgy bold look.”

Aanchal further spoke about the pre-wedding haircare the bride and her girl gang should opt for. She was, however, quick to give cysteine hair treatment a double thumbs down. If you wish to know why, scroll ahead and find out. 

A wedding hairstyle trend that should retire…

Curled locks! If I am ever at a wedding and I see someone with hair like that, I make sure to go and open them up. Even Goldilocks and the three bears.

One hair treatment to opt for, prior to the wedding…

You must get a hair spa done prior to the wedding. Hydrated hair not only feels good but also looks good. The hairstyle sits better; the style lasts longer. On dry, sensitised, damaged hair, you’ll notice how the ends lose shape easily because it lacks elasticity. Also, let’s not forget the tangles and frizziness that you get with dehydrated hair.

Post-wedding haircare that you recommend…

Use a nice clarifying shampoo and get rid of the product build-up. Condition your hair with a mask and leave it on for a few minutes. Throw in a heat cap for five minutes with the mask on for deeper penetration.

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Hair treatments to NOT take prior to the wedding day…

Cysteine – It’s a trap! It laminates your hair, makes it go limp, completely cuts volume and worst, you get hair fall post-service. And the style doesn’t even last long.

Hair accessories brides must try this year…

There’s such a wonderful mix of accessories that are out there in the market nowadays. Jewel stones and chains are one of my favourites.

Any tips on picking the correct hairstyle for the wedding?

Your personal style is the most important part. Whatever you are comfortable with is what you should be trying out. If you’re comfortable with experimentation – then experiment. If you’re comfortable with basic looks – then do basic.

Your confidence is what makes your hairstyle or overall look rock! Picture references are the second most important thing. Show a reference to your artiste before you begin because a picture can never lie but words can be deceiving.

Aanchal worked on designer Arpita Mehta’s wedding look. She gave Arpita the soft cascading waves hairstyle that perfectly complimented her minimalistic wedding look.

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