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Couple discovers that slap bracelets are made from household item

This couple was totally bewildered when they discovered that the slap bracelet party favors they purchased were made from something you might find in the junk drawer.

It’s been said that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a goose. TikTokers and parents Cullen and Katie Byington (@cullligan) found this out when they learned that the slap bracelets they bought for party favors were made from old tape measures, and the mind-blowing discovery had viewers reminiscing about the fun, classic toy

“If this has an old tape measure in it, I’m gonna run naked down our street ‘cuz I do not believe it,” Katie says at the beginning of the clip while Cullen grabs a slap bracelet and knife to find out the answer.

“It feels like a tape measure,” Cullen says, testing out the bracelet before carving off its decorative plastic cover. After peeking underneath the bracelet’s covering, Cullen then pulls off the remaining plastic cover to reveal a yellow tape measure with rounded edges. 

Stunned, Katie grabs another slap bracelet to see if there’s also a tape measure underneath the plastic exterior. Lo and behold, beneath the decorative covering of the next slap bracelet is a white tape measure. 

“Where do you just find old tape measures?” Katie asks Cullen, who unwraps yet another tape measure. 

“They’re all tape measures! Oh gosh, I’ve gotta run down the street naked now, shoot,” Katie says, recalling her earlier bet.

Viewers are looking out for part 2

Viewers took to the comments to express their excitement over the nostalgic accessory and tease Katie about her promise. 

“SUPER popular in elementary school in the 90s. Except ours wasn’t a tape measure,” one user remembered. 

“Those were so fun when I was like 6 or 7, then they disappeared,” recalled one TikToker

“Can’t wait to see part 2 of this,” one viewer mentioned, referring to Katie’s bet.

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