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From Denim to Dresses, Here’s Some Online Retailers That Are Petite and Curvy Friendly

It can be hard to find online boutiques that cater to all of your needs. Between trying to find jeans for curvy ladies and clothes that fit right on smaller women, check out the list offering clothes for both categories:


 PLT takes the cake for all leggings, pants, rompers, and more bottoms for all size types. The UK brand specializes in PLT Shape for curvy ladies and PLT Petite. In addition to the categories, the site has PLT Plus, PLT Tall, and PLT Maternity. Lorvae founder and Youtuber De’arra Taylor is always known to sport a PLT look!

American Eagle 

American Eagle has the denim locked down, no matter the size. AE jeans continuously prove to fit everyone. The app offers Curvy jeans and also for any jeans– it lets you select how long or short you want your jeans, perfect for the petites! AE has killer leggings, which aren’t cotton material, but more spandex and polyester. 


Honeybum bottoms and tops fit perfectly, no matter the size. The bodysuits snatch the waist every time, fitting like a glove. 


ASOS’s best sellers include denim, jackets, and sets, making just about any outfit. It can be challenging to find oversized jackets for everyone, but the jackets impress. 

Abercrombie & Fitch

After that Netflix documentary, White Hot: The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch, it’s a shocker the retail brand made a list with their crazy tactics from back in the day. But now Abercrombie jeans work to be inclusive. The brand measures jean size by width– making them the perfect size for curvy women. 


Most of PacSun’s jeans have a great stretch, fitting perfectly for everyone. 

Good American 

Though Good American is pricey, there’s no denying the unlimited number of categories the Kardashian brand offers. From Good Petite to Good Curvy, the jeans are long-lasting. Good American is also known for its sculpting bodysuits. You can almost always see Khloé Kardashian wearing her brand.  


A go-to for all your basic needs. Aritzia got the attention of all of the TikTok girlies, and the loungewear is perfect for anyone looking to chill around the house. 


This isn’t a denim recommendation for ZARA because it can be super hard to find jeans that fit curvy and petite women at the store. However, ZARA’s basics are a must-have for everyone’s closet, also if you ever need a quick outfit, ZARA got it!

Naked Wardrobe 

Naked Wardrobe makes going out and date night a little easier with the simple looks that fit perfectly for everyone. The affordable luxury fashion retailer specializes in rompers, jumpsuits, and dresses for curvy and petite women.

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