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I finally tried Kim Kardashian’s viral Skims bodysuit – I want my money back, I paid $130 for a major issue

SINCE Kim Kardashian’s Skims first hit the market, the company has gone viral again and again, especially when its waist-cinching bodysuits are in stock.

One eager customer finally got her hands on the cult favorite clothing, but the uncomfortable fit left her considering a return.

Influencer Kerina Wang finally got her hands on an order from Skims


Influencer Kerina Wang finally got her hands on an order from SkimsCredit: TikTok
The Canadian customer paid $130 for the brand's viral bodysuit


The Canadian customer paid $130 for the brand’s viral bodysuitCredit: TikTok

Kerina Wang only ordered her first Skims bodysuit this year and received the package just days ago.

The moment she had her Essential Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Bodysuit in hand, she tried it on for her TikTok followers, but the influencer was underwhelmed.

“I finally got to try the viral Skims bodysuit,” Wang said. “Just like f**kboys, it looks great but makes you feel terrible.”

She unwrapped the Skims packaging and tugged on the long-sleeve one-piece, modeling it on its own, then adding a skirt.

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“I actually don’t know why I’m smiling here,” Wang said in voiceover while the footage of her played.

The bodysuit was so tight that it made it difficult to wear at all, putting too much pressure on her body.

Wang was unimpressed by the 'giant wedgie' the bodysuit gave her


Wang was unimpressed by the ‘giant wedgie’ the bodysuit gave herCredit: TikTok

“It constricted my movements and gave me a giant wedgie, front and back,” Wang revealed.

Not only that, but because Wang is based in Toronto, she paid more for the trendy bodysuit than many American customers might.

Between conversion rates, shipping costs, and handling fees, Wang spent more than the $78 USD the bodysuit is listed for online.

“It’s totally not worth $130,” she said. In a comment, she mentioned that the bodysuit was actually $147 after taxes.

“Kim must really dislike Canadians,” Wang joked.

Other TikTok users thanked her for her honesty. Some said they were successful when sizing up in the brand, while others recommended inexpensive dupes.

“Skims is honestly such a hit or miss,” one woman said. “Glad I saw this before buying!”

Others grimaced at Wang’s vivid descriptions. “Not a front wedgie,” one person wrote, adding in emojis to communicate their horror.

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Wang told her followers that the bodysuit received a no from her, but at least she kept her sense of humor about the scenario.

“If you like to breathe once in a while, skip it,” she said.

Wang said the bodysuit looked great but made her feel terrible


Wang said the bodysuit looked great but made her feel terribleCredit: TikTok

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