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Just Russ: 15-Year-Old Detroit Fashion Designer Makes a Name For Himself in Hollywood  

Fashion designer Russell Hughes IV is only 15 years old and already doing big things in the fashion industry.    


Russell Hughes IV is as creative as he is hungry and his growing appetite has gotten him far – but he’s not satiated just yet.  

The ambitious 15-year-old native Detroiter is a budding fashion designer whose high-profile work has already graced red carpets and been worn by Hollywood starlets and will be seen in music videos. 

One such starlet who dons his work on the regular includes his own mother, La’Britney, known for vocals as an R&B singer and for her rise to fame with her single “Actin’ Funny” featuring Kash Doll.   

La’Britney (who goes by her first name) is also a cast member of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in season five and is currently on the ALLBLK reality show “Notorious Queens.”  

Hughes told the Michigan Chronicle that growing up, he always had a “heavy” interest and passion for arts and fashion.  

“Especially always being around it in the house all the time,” Hughes said, adding that his mother was always sewing things and her best friend was a designer. “So, I’ve always been around those things my whole life.”  

Hughes more recently started getting into fashion by designing runway-ready clothes, apparel and stunning, curvaceous dresses that can’t help but turn heads.  

“For the past few years it has been a really big interest of mine but it’s something that I’ve been kind of doing and knew it was gonna happen at some point,” Hughes said, adding that he’s already gotten a lot of recognition for his work with recent interest from LA Fashion Week who requested his work to be included in their show.  

Hughes’ designs and dresses are scheduled to be released for his IV Attire Holiday dress collection.   

All pieces will be exclusively sold at  

Hughes, who moved to California a few months ago, said since coming to the Golden State to be closer to his mother and find better opportunities in the fashion industry, things have been looking up.  

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve been heavy designing and styling,” he said, adding that he styled his mother when she attended fa Doja Cat album release party. He also styled her recently for a dress that she wore to the BMI Pop Awards.  

The public response to La’Britney’s fly outfits do not disappoint, which he describes as a rewarding thing.  

“I think it’s definitely like an alright you could say, like a rewarding feeling,” he said. “It’s nice to see that [because] it’s like so early on like in my journey. I have the privilege to like start off so far ahead and be able to be held on almost that same pace so that other designs are.”  

La’Britney told the Michigan Chronicle that her son is doing his thing and making a name for himself.   

La’Britney, a music sensation, and her son Russell Hughes IV.  

“Russell is an innovative creative with the ability to visualize and bring it to life whether it’s through fashion, painting or building,” La’Britney said. “I saw his talents from a very young age and made sure to put him in environments that would help him thrive.  

“I am so very proud of Russell and a huge fan of his latest designs with IV Attire. I am honored to be his mom and mannequin, lol. It is a blessing to watch him grow his passion into a successful business. I know he’s going to take it to the moon and beyond.”   

Hughes said that his roots in Detroit helped prepare him in a big way for his move to California, and he appreciates his homebase.  

“Detroit Black fashion is very different,” he said, adding that in comparison to California Black fashion there are some differences and similarities that harken back to a communal sense of urban style (with a splash of gaudiness) from oversized jewelry to more overall cultural apparel, which all give a nod to people reminding them of where they’re from.   

“I think well when it comes to like just Black fashion in general, I think that there actually are some similarities depending on what parts you’re in,” he said.  

Hughes, who currently attends a visual arts school in California, said that his ultimate dream is to have a big established brand one day with numerous warehouses storing his collection. “Just being a global brand that’s awesome. … I’m just very excited about what the future holds and I’m gonna continue to work hard every single day and keep pushing.”  

For more information or to learn more about Hughes’ holiday collection, visit and  




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