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My mom tried on my leather pants and crop top – people say she looks like Alicia Silverstone

A YOUNG woman has shared a video of her mother wearing her clothing that makes her the spitting image of a 90s icon.

The TikTok creator showed viewers how easily her mother transforms into actress Alicia Silverstone in a video.

TikTok user Caroline shared a video where she "turned her mom" into herself


TikTok user Caroline shared a video where she “turned her mom” into herselfCredit: TikTok / carolfinee

TikTok creator Caroline Sebastian hops on a popular social trend of turning her mother into herself.

She gives viewers a glimpse of what her mom looked like in the past in a viral video on the platform.

Normally, the content creator posts videos that pertain to dating, relationships, and making quality memories with her friends and family.

In a video, Sebastian dresses her mother up in a few items from her closet that elevate her look and make her appear younger.

I tried on my mom’s old vintage bikini from 2005 - my mother was a Y2K queen
My mom was a Chicago Bulls cheerleader in 1995, I tried on her old uniforms

At the start of the video, the 21-year-old’s mom walks into a room and towards the camera, and turns at the end of the metaphorical “runway” to walk back out of the room.

She is wearing a nude ribbed sweater and black drawstring pants in a casual yet fashionable manner.

Her blonde hair is secured in a ponytail and she has a slight smirk on her face before she walks back out of the frame.

When she walks back into the room, the attractive parent looks decades younger, wearing leather pants, a khaki crop top, a black shoulder bag, and black boots with her blonde hair free-flowing in her face,

Appropriately captioned “I’m sorry but my mother ate,” the mom-daughter duo stunned their audience with the reveal and truly “left no crumbs.”

The style makes her the spitting image of Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone, according to some viewers.

“Okay but you can’t convince me that’s not Alicia Silverstone from Clueless,” one TikTok user commented.

“She IS Alicia Silverstone,” another added.

“Literally uno reversed her age 20 years,” a viewer wrote.

Some people say that the TikTok user's mother looks like Alicia Silverstone


Some people say that the TikTok user’s mother looks like Alicia SilverstoneCredit: TikTok / carolfinee

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