Saturday, October 8, 2022

This Is How a Vogue Editor Created Their Perfect Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

I could preface what’s to come by telling you that I’ve always stuck to a minimal capsule wardrobe, but that would be a lie. It’s only recently that I’ve discovered the relief that comes from finding your own uniform. 

As so many of us whose job it is to observe fashion day in day out, I have stumbled into many trend traps. I’ve fallen head over heels for items of clothing that were – shame on me – only worn once, or, even worse, have never seen the light of day. Then, earlier this year, I suddenly felt suffocated by the sheer number of clothes hiding behind my closet doors, in suitcases, in the storage cupboard – and yes, even in the spare bathroom. 

“No one needs this many clothes”, I kept saying to myself whilst committing to yet another wardrobe purge, hoping it would manifest itself into an ultra-chic capsule wardrobe. Fast forward to now, and I’m slowly but steadily getting to the stage of feeling utterly comfortable with a core collection of wardrobe essentials that I always return to. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Before you think “oh, but he’s a guy”, remember that it’s not always about which department you shop in, but rather understanding which shapes work for you. Personally, I buy most of my staples in the women’s department. From trousers to jumpers and coats – women’s cuts often suit me more. And vice versa, a lot of my female peers trawl through the men’s department for the best trousers and T-shirts. It opens up more opportunities for finding the perfect fit. 

It might make me sound like a broken record, but it’s worth stating that it’s all about quality over quantity, folks. Looking back, I find it hard to reconcile with my wardrobe self, even from just six months ago. Instead of going for every pair of black trousers you stumble across, opt for one pair that you can wear on repeat, even if that means spending a larger sum. It will pay off – nothing speaks of elegance quite like high-quality basics.

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Of course, I’ve not been totally converted – I’m a fashion-lover after all – and I will fall for the season’s latest drops, but it’s understanding that what you buy now needs to work for the seasons, and years, to come. Try to avoid buying into one-hit wonders. Equally as appealing is the prospect of not wasting any time in the morning. Consider good basics the panacea, nay the quick-fix, to all your wardrobe woes.

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