Saturday, December 3, 2022

Today is the last day of MASH for The Call

KVMZ 99.1 was out at Walmart doing a toy drive for The Call as part of their Make A Smile Happen campaign.

The campaign started yesterday and will be going on from 10 am to 6 pm tonight.

They are collecting gifts for foster children to get for Christmas.

If you would like to help donate they are looking for the following:


  • Wipes (Unscented)
  • Socks
  • Pajamas (12 and 18 month)
  • Crib
  • High Chair Bottles
  • Infant Toys


Shoes (Sizes 4-13)


  • Socks
  • Boy 4t (soft pants, long sleeve T’s, nice tops,
  • pajamas)
  • Boy St (pajamas)
  • Girl 21 (long sleeve T’s, nice
  • pants, pajamas)
  • Girl 31 (jeans, leggings, long sleeve T’s, pajamas)

Interest of kids for toys

  • Dancing, puppy dogs, paw patrol, animals, art, baby dolls, monster trucks, frozen, fire and police, Mickey mouse, superheroes, educational toys.

4-6 Year old

Socks (Girl and Boy 4.5-8.5)

Undergarments (Girl 4/5t, 6, 7/8 and Boy 5t)


  • Girl 5t (Leggings and outfits)
  • Pajamas, Boy (5t) Girl (5t and 6/6x)


Interest of kids for Toys

Horses, dolphins, firetrucks, dolls, frozen, animals, drawing/coloring, mermaids, unicorns, coco melon, superheroes, basic preschool educational books and toys.

8- And up


Boy 3

Girl 1,2,3



Interest of kids

  • Pokémon, Fortnite, police officers, art and crafts o Teen Girls interested in Fashion

There are currently 36 children in foster care in Columbia county and Lafayette County with only 22 foster homes.

The CALL started in 2007 as a faith-based organization that helps foster and adoptive families in conjunction with the Department of Human Services and local churches.

The local branch was started in 2013.

According to Mandy McLelland, local coordinator, the organization has not been as active in recent years but hopes to become so and more well-known in the local community.

Along with events like this one, the local CALL has the CALL Mall where families can get clothes, beds, and other items they need to support foster placements, provide smeals to foster families, support groups and other services for foster families.

Anyone interested in volunteering can call McLelland at 870-904-1019.


Dan Gregory at KVMZ talks to Mandy McLelland on the radio to help get donors to come to Walmart. (Joshua Turner / The Banner News)

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